Dr. Chen Yugui

President, CAPA

The Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) comprises professional accountancy organisations from 23 countries, that in turn represent a membership of over 2 million accountants, nearly two-thirds of all accountants that are members of such organisations worldwide.

The CAPA Conference is a legacy that marks the birth of CAPA as a regional accountancy organisation, and this 20th instalment is a milestone in our 64 years of history. We are delighted to partner with our valued member, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka), and stage a hybrid event which encompasses both a CAPA Conference and CA Sri Lanka’s flagship annual National Conference. In the words attributed to the philosopher Aristotle, we are working on the basis that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.

This conference, themed ‘Heritage – Many businesses, One planet’, seeks to take a holistic perspective on how the accountancy profession can play its part today, for a better future. This is especially pertinent and relevant, now more than ever, against a pandemic backdrop, and a volatile and rapidly changing environment.

Moving away from the purely traditional focus areas of the accountancy profession to encompass the changes affecting our business and environmental landscapes, the conference will explore contemporary conversations, opportunities and challenges presented by our times.

Recognising that Asia Pacific includes some of the most dynamic and fastest changing economies, the stage is set for extensive deliberations on what the accountancy profession can and must do, what reforms must take place, and how we can rebuild trust, embrace ethics and good governance, as well as harness the positives of technology, to forge a sustainable future and leave a heritage we can be proud of.

We therefore invite and extend a warm welcome to delegates, both from abroad and from Sri Lanka, to the 20th CAPA Conference and the 42nd National Conference of CA Sri Lanka.

We also take the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to our host, CA Sri Lanka, for their immense effort to stage this world-class event. An invaluable member of CAPA since 1960, CA Sri Lanka has been an incredible partner on this journey.

Mr. Manil Jayesinghe

President, CA Sri Lanka

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) is honored and privileged to host the 20th CAPA Conference in our beautiful island, Sri Lanka in conjunction with the 42nd National Conference of Chartered Accountants of CA Sri Lanka.

The CAPA Conference and the National Conference will be among the most influential virtual assemblies to be hosted in Colombo attracting accounting professionals from across Asia and Pacific in October this year.

The demand for accountants has steadily increased globally, due to the unique perspectives they bring to the table. However, unlike a few decades ago, the role of the accountant has also evolved dramatically, from conventional number cruncher to take on more dynamic corporate centric roles. But, with the onset of the technology, globalisations and regulations, we are now living in an era where we need to increasingly focus on not just creating Chief Financial Officers but transforming them to become Chief Value Officers.

Therefore, I am certain that the CAPA Conference and the National Conference will be an inspiring assembly to help us gain a deeper understanding, and be privy to the issues surrounding us, and how we can continue to be an integral part for our corporate, country and the region.

This year’s conference focuses on an array of pertinent topics ranging from environmental footprint, reforms, information technology, trust, accounting, governance and ethics, which are paramount to us as professional accountants if we are to continue to remain an integral part in the business ecosystem.

Preparations for the 20th CAPA Conference is already underway in Colombo. Unfortunately, COVID-19 will not permit us to meet physically in Colombo this year, compelling us to join the conference virtually. However, despite the change in the format of this year’s conference, I am most certain that the event will provide the participants with the same intellectual dissemination as during a conventional event.

I look forward to meeting you all virtually at the 20th CAPA Conference and the 42nd National Conference in October.